We design, build, ship and iterate to make products that are simple, beautiful and easy. Our team of world class, tried-and-tested people make for others, partners, and ourselves. We make a difference.


Asking questions, that is our first step to truly understanding your business and customer goals. With tools such as research, prototyping, design thinking we help define the most effective strategy to achieve your goals. Design will work throughout the build and ship process to achieve a refined execution.


Web or native apps, API’s, platforms, services. You name it and we will be able to build it with you. Our highly experienced and talented product engineering team has deep knowledge of all modern platforms, software tools, and architectures to build products securely and scalably.


There is only one way to make a difference, and that’s to ship the products we make. We pride ourselves in having deep experience in building product for the real world, with real people. Thinking detailed measurement, new customer onboarding, marketing and communication strategy. We can either help ourselves, or have partners and services we work with to help facilitate anything you need to successfully reach your audience.


Building a successful company or product does not end with designing, building or shipping. That’s when the real challenges start! Our experience in building products at scale, for the real world for ourselves and others brings a huge amount of insight and experience and makes it available to you.

The Team

Our small, experienced, and collaborative team operates quicker and provides better solutions because it’s built upon a team of world class, tried-and-tested people across the board.

Jasper Hauser

Jasper is a hands on craftsman at heart with 17 years of industry experience in creating digital products and mentoring people.

Bas Verhart

a Dutch creative entrepreneur and Co-Founder of THNK School of Creative Leadership

Jasper van Veghel

Driven, technically-minded entrepreneur. Ventures and projects Jasper is involved in focus on high-throughput systems performing complex analysis at scale.

Hidde van der Ploeg

Hidde is an experienced product designer that likes to play with code too.

Martin Hagedoorn

Martin has 14 years of experience with being a frontend engineer. He's naturally a curious and social person, Martin likes to keep it simple and get things done.

Tim Lichtenberg Tim Lichtenberg

Tim is basically DJ Jean if he was a designer. The master of the wheels of colour.

Our founding partners and makers bring dozens of decades of creative and tech leadership. As well as state of the art process experience from some of the most influential companies in the industry.

Early Projects

These are some early clients we were happy to help.

We’d love to hear from you.


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